Trouble Shooting

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Trouble Shooting

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Remote Control Unit
Amplifier Section
DVD Player
Surround Sound Speakers
Remote Control Unit
No operation Batteries are not loaded or exhausted. Replace the batteries
Batteries may be inserted incorrectly. Make sure the Polarities; Positive and Negative terminals are correct.
Batteries may have corroded. Check for corrosion on the terminals inside the remote control, remove corrosion if any.
The remote sensor is obstructed. Remove the obstacle.
New batteries and the remote control is still not working correctly Could be a defective remote control. You will need to repair or replace the remote control. Please ship it along with a copy of the receipt to Etron Corporation,6120 Valley View, Buena Park, Ca. 90620
If these suggestions don't work, please contact Sherwood technical support at 1-866-916-4667.