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Regarding RD7503, I can enter the Room2 mode from the front panel of the unit or from the OSD.
Room2 operation is also available from the remote control itself?

All of required operation for Room2 is available with RD7503 remote.
For turning on/off, please use "Room2 on/off" at AVR mode of remote.
For operation, please use "Power On/Input Selector/Volume" button at SAT Mode of remote.
I am having difficulties using my turntable connected to any of the audio inputs even AUX.
How do I connect a turntable to my receiver?
Not all receivers have a built-in “phono” input. If your receiver does not have an input labeled “Phono” you will need to
purchase a phono pre-amplifier in order to connect a turntable to this unit. The reason being is that turntables have a very
low output; this is where the pre-amp comes into play. The pre-amplifier is just that, an amplifier. It’s job is to amplify the
low signal that runs through and pass it along to the receiver so that it can play it back. They are relatively inexpensive and can be found at your local electronics shop. Average prices are between $20 and $30 dollars.
Does the quality of speaker wire / cables really make a big difference?

It depends on who you ask. Some people swear by certain brands of cable and other people say you can use old phone
cord for speaker wire. As far as speaker wire goes, a 12 gauge speaker wire will sound a heck of a lot better than 18 gauge wire. However, $5.00 brand "x" 12 gauge wires will probably sound pretty much the same as $50.00 brand "y" 12 gauge wires.

AV (audio/video) cables are kind of a different story — quality definitely matters here. Most of the free cables that come with equipment are not good enough. They will physically carry a signal, but will also carry interference, noise and other things
that you don't want. Do yourself a favor and buy good quality, but reasonably priced, shielded cables.